Nitto ATP Finals 2018

The O2 -


Event Tickets

You can purchase tickets for the event here: Tickets

Event Timings

Please Note: All timings are approximate and subject to change without notice.


Everyone entering The O2 arena will need to clear enhanced security checks. Visitors will be screened through security arches and bags will be searched as usual. These security arches pose no threat to those with pacemakers or pregnant women. Please also note that no food or drink is allowed into the arena, with the exception of food for babies, for specific medical needs or religious reasons. For advice or to request food to be taken in please call our contact centre via

For extra information about security please visit the following: Security

Schedule of Play

Singles and Doubles Group Standings
Schedule of Play

Box Office opening hours

Our on site box office is open daily from 9am - 9pm. Please remember to print your e-tickets before you leave home!


The main Nitto ATP Finals Merchandise Store is located at the main entrance of The O2, opening daily at 10.30am.  Stands are also located on the concourses.

Restaurants & Bars

More information on our restaurants and bars can be found here - Bars & Restaurants


Small personal cameras and phones are fine for each show at The O2. We ask that you turn off the flash so as not to distract the performers or other guests. Larger SLR type cameras are not permitted into the venue, unfortunately. This is at the request of the event promoter. For cameras that look similar to SLR cameras, the staff on the entrances must use their discretion, and your camera may be held at the entrance until the end of the show if it is not allowed to come in. It will be looked after safely for you and you will be given a ticket so you can collect it.

Selfie Sticks

We all LOVE a selfie! However, selfie sticks are not permitted at any venue at The O2.

Portable Smartphone Chargers

Whilst we would encourage you to bring as little as possible with you if you're worried about running out of phone battery you can bring a portable USB charger with you.


Posters should be no bigger than A3 size and not contain anything that displays inflammatory or offensive wording. Posters can contain battery operated lights. Large flags, drapes or larger than A3 banners are not permitted. Please note - All posters will be checked upon entering the arena.

Age Restrictions

Children aged 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult aged 18+

Can I take food and drink into the arena?

Food and drink including sweets bought outside The O2 arena can’t be taken into the arena. Please call 020 8463 2000 or email us at if you need to bring food or drink with you for medical or religious reasons.

You can ask at any bar, for tap water and this is complimentary.

Are there any lockers/cloakrooms at The O2?

Only handbags and other small bags (no larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm) will be allowed into the arena.

You can leave larger bags / personal bags at our bag storage facility just outside the main entrance, at a cost of £10 per bag.  All bags will be searched and screened before being accepted into the bag storage facility.

The bag storage closes at 30 minutes after the event finishes. We won’t hold your items overnight, so you must pick them up before the facility closes. Opening times are Monday to Friday 12:00hrs to 30mins after event finishes. Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 16:30hrs to 30 mins after event finishes. Further details can be found HERE

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