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Parking at The O2

Do all your car parks have payment machines?
Yes, all of our car parks have pay machines. Just look for the shelters with ‘Paystation’ written on the side.
Do your payment machines give change?
Yes, the pay machines that accept cash also give change.

Can I pay by cash or card?
We have machines that take both cash and cards.

Do your payment machines accept all bank cards?
Yes, the payment machines accept all major bank cards as well as contactless payment.


How much is parking at The O2?
All of our parking charges can be found on our website

Why is parking so expensive?

There is a good reason for this – and it’s probably not the one you are thinking.
We’re on a peninsula and often have events that can hold up to 20,000 people. Having them all drive in would be a bit of a nightmare. Not only for the drivers, but for our local residents and other businesses – not to mention the environment. So, the price is high, because we’d rather you use the other great types of transport we have, that links us to the rest of the city. We’ve got the tube, buses, a taxi rank and the MBNA Thames Clipper river bus service.




Where can I park if I am going to a restaurant on The Avenue or the cinema?
You can park in car parks 2, 3 or 4, which are our non-event car parks.


If I’ve been to the cinema how do I get my parking ticket validated?
Just take both your parking and cinema tickets to the parking office in Car Park 1 and we’ll validate your first 4 hours parking.


What time are your car parks open?
Our car parks are open 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.


I use this car park every day, is there any way I can make a saving?
Absolutely. Regular customers can buy weekly, monthly and annual parking tickets. Just ask at the parking office in Car Park 1 for more information.


Am I being charged the correct tariff?
We operate a transparent car park pricing strategy in accordance with our Travel Plan agreement with our local council. It’s why our non-event tariffs are cheaper than our arena event tariffs. If you feel you’re being charged the incorrect tariff simply come to the parking office before you pay and we’ll make sure you’re charged correctly. Unfortunately we may not be able to offer a refund once a tariff is paid.  


Can I enter and exit the car park more than once with a single parking ticket?
Sadly not. Once you leave the car park you can’t re-enter using the same ticket.


Do you offer valet parking?
Yes, but only for arena events. Have a look at our website for more information.


Are all your car parks monitored by CCTV?
Yes, all our car parks are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day.


What happens if the show has been cancelled or rescheduled?
If a show is rescheduled we will automatically transfer your booking to the new date. Alternatively, we’ll be happy to issue a refund if you’d prefer.


Am I eligible for a refund if I do not attend a show or if I decide to use an alternative means of transport?
We will only issue refunds if the show has been cancelled or rescheduled.


Can I change my vehicle registration number if I have pre-booked parking?
Yes, just contact us by calling 020 8463 6718 or by emailing


Do I need to book parking if I‘m attending an exhibition that is not in the arena or in indigo at The O2?
No, you don’t need to pre-book parking for exhibitions. Simply park in car parks 2, 3 or 4 where you can pay the hourly rates.


Do you have any toilet facilities in your car parks?
No, all toilet facilities are inside The O2.


Are there any accessible parking bays in your car parks?
Yes, all our car parks include accessible bays. Our accessible bays are reserved for Blue Badge holders only.

Only the evening event is listed - where's the matinee?
   You can park from 10am when you pre-book parking, so if only one event is listed you'll be able to book the show listed and then come for the matinee.

My event isn't listed?
Events are only listed from the general on-sale day (usually a Friday). If it's still not there let us know and we'll see what's happening.

Why does it take so long to get out of the car parks?

At the end of the event we can have up to 2,000 cars trying to leave at the same time, plus taxis, buses and minicabs. for some of the other 20,000 people. All this traffic, on just a couple of roads. This is why we’d prefer you to use some of the other great types of transport on offer, rather than drive here. But if you have to drive, don’t worry. We’ll get you all out as quickly and as safely as we can.


Did we leave something out in the above? Let us know at and if you still need some help with Parking - you can contact the team on or 020 8463 6718

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