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We hope that everything goes well with your visit but we know that sometimes it doesn’t. If you are with us for an event, where possible you should contact a member of staff who will try their hardest to help you on the night to make sure your time with us is enjoyable.
If however you need to contact us after your visit here's how to do that and our commitment to you when you do.

How Do I Contact You? 
Before you arrive: Email us if your event is more than 3 days away and we'll get back to you pretty quickly. If less than 3 days then give the team a call.
After your visit: We ask for feedback to be sent to us in writing, either via email or by post. This is so we can have an accurate record of our conversations.

How Long Does It Take To Get An Answer?
Email: All of our emails are individually responded to, but you should receive an automated response straight away letting you know that we've received your request. For most email enquiries our average response time is under 10 hours. If we need to investigate your feedback it may take up to 28 days for you to have a full response.
By Post: We aim to respond to your letter in 7-14 days, again if we need to do a full investigation it may take up to 28 days.

What happens if I'm not happy with the answer?
If you are here at an event you can ask to speak to a supervisor who will try and help you further.
If you have contacted us after an event then you can ask for your complaint to be escalated. It will then be independently reviewed by the next level of our support team.


Contact Details:
Postal Address: Customer Services, The O2, Penninsula Square, London, SE10 0DX
Telephone: 020 8463 2000

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