What Is Flash Mobile Delivery?

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What is Flash Mobile Delivery?

Flash Mobile Delivery is a mobile ticketing system, with tickets assigned directly to fans attending via The O2 app.

This will eventually be the only way to enter an event at The O2. For new events going on sale from 26 November 2018, it will be the only option for ticket delivery. It will also allow you to enter events quickly by scanning a special type of QR code in The O2 app.

Flash Mobile Delivery allows you to manage your tickets digitally, with the option of transferring them easily amongst your party right up until show time. You’ll know if your event is Flash Mobile Delivery enabled because when you purchase your tickets, it will be the only method of delivery you can choose. 

Why is Flash Mobile Delivery being launched?

We’re launching the brand new technology to give fans of live entertainment a faster and fairer ticketing experience.

We’ve listened to customers asking for more to be done against unfair secondary ticketing practices and Flash Mobile Delivery tickets come equipped with a dynamically changing barcode system, which ensures that the tickets cannot be copied or shared illegally on any other websites, emphasising The O2's ongoing commitment to combatting touts.


How can I use Flash Mobile Delivery?

Take a moment to watch the videos below!

Creating an AXS Account

Transferring Tickets

Finding Your Tickets

Get Scanned & Get In!

Open up your ticket in the app and head to the entrance. Our friendly door staff will scan the digital barcode and you'll be inside in no time!

Flash Mobile technology refreshes ticket barcodes every 60 seconds and works even without a wifi connection or a data signal.

If you have any questions at the event, head straight to the venue’s Box Office where one of the team can help you.

Going in a Group? Transfer Tickets!

Your mate's running late and you don't want to wait? You can transfer your tickets in an instant.

Ticket recipients can enter the event using their own ticket, in their own time. No need to hang around or miss the start of the show!

See Transferring Tickets for more details 


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