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 Wednesday 10th 

We do allow people in and out of the queue, however there will be times where we have to stop that for safety reasons. Around 3pm we advise that you remain in position, otherwise you risk losing your place when doors open.

 Please don’t push forward as this will make it more difficult for everyone else - you are in line to get in.

 There are some areas where you might not be able to sit down all the time – please be prepared for that if you are coming to queue early.

 Please treat your fellow fans and our team with respect – we want you all to have a good time.

 Security is very important for us. We ask you to please listen to the security team, they may ask you to move forward or backward so that they can make more space for everyone.

Your enjoyment is our main priority– we may have to change some of these rules temporarily, or apply different ones, to ensure that everyone is kept safe.

*Please do not throw gifts or items onto the stage.  This may result in your removal from the venue.*


If you have any questions or problems with The app or merch pre-orders please tweet @theo2venueapp

 Food and drink

You can't bring food or drink into the arena itself, but are welcome to have it in the queue beforehand.  There will be food & drink for sale in the arena itself as well as free tap water at all bars.  We do not allow bottles inside the arena unless the lid is taken off (This is because a full bottle of drink with a lid on, doesn't crush underfoot and can cause a roll hazard if stepped on, whereas without a lid, it will crush easily)

Will there be Merchandise at the show? - Updated

Yes there will be plenty of merch for sale at the shows, with stock held back for both days.  

Opening times for the merch shop and trailers outside the arena are as follows :

Tuesday 9th 10am – until closed

Wednesday 10th  10am - Close (subject to stock amounts)

We have a Merchandise shop by the main entrance that anyone can use and then smaller stands inside the arena only for ticketholders, but they will sell the same stock.


 Age Limit for Standing Tickets /ID that is accepted

If you are under 16 you cannot enter the standing area at all.

In the seated areas, those under 15 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over. 

There are no exceptions to this rule, even if you are tall for your age!

If you look under 16 you may be asked for ID as proof of age. The accepted forms of ID are a passport, driving/provisional licence or a Pass Card with the PASS hologram. No photocopies will be accepted and ID will have to be in date. We don't accept the Oyster 16+ card.

Can I bring a camera? - NEW

No, sorry.  The latest request from the band and promoters is that no cameras are allowed in the arena.  Phones are allowed, but not with lens accessories.

BTS Studio - NEW

The BTS Studio will be on-site and open from 10am - 6pm.  This is run directly by BigHit so please direct any questions regarding the studio to them.

How does queuing for standing work? /Can we camp out?

We do not allow camping out or overnight queuing.   The building opens at 9am so you can arrive from then to queue.   

We do not operate a numbered/wristbanded queuing system, but there will be stewards on hand to assist.   Talk to the people around you and make friends, we find it is a fun place to be, full of fans and most people hold spaces in the line for you if you need to go to the loo/eat/buy merch.  Show everyone what an amazing fanbase the ARMY is :)

General standing and VIP standing have separate queues

Standing Tickets/GA - NEW

Standing tickets will be taken away when you enter the arena itself, but don;t worry if you want to keep yours, you can collect it again on your way out

My ticket doesn't have an entrance on it, where do I go? - NEW

Don't worry.  Just head to the main entrance and the staff there will point you in the right direction.

Can I bring in a portable phone charger? - NEW

Yes, you can bring in your portable chargers.

Can I bring a light stick/Army bomb to the event

Yes!   You can bring your Army Bomb to the event.  Version 3.0 will also be on-sale on the site.


Can I bring binoculars - NEW

Yes you can indeed bring binoculars

O2 Priority. - NEW

There is priority entry to the seated area for O2 Telefoncia customers, but not for the standing area.  To use priority entry, once you are close to the venue, go on to the O2 Priority app and it will appear there, or simply show your O2 phone to one of the O2 Angels (Staff in white jumpers and wings) on site.

What size bag can I bring?

It's better for everyone if you don't bring a bag. We don't allow bags bigger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm into the arena. 

If you have to bring a larger bag with you - please see information on our Bag Drop Facility


What does GA4 etc stand for?

GA stands for General Allocation.  These are standing tickets on the arena floor, please ignore any row or seat numbers, these are only used when the floor is seated. 

I didn't manage to get tickets.  How come?

Tickets for the BTS shows are now sold out. We understand your disappointment and are sorry for those of you who have missed out, but the demand for these UK dates has been incredibly high. We remind you to only use verified ticketing agents for all purchases.

It may be worth checking back on from time to time as we do occasionally get tickets back and any returns will be released for sale there.

Someone bought the tickets for me, can i still attend?

Yes, this is not a names on ticket event, so you can use tickets bought for you by someone else without having to bring their ID.


Why are tickets up for sale on re-sale sites at such high prices?

It’s unfortunate that tickets are already on re-sale sites for such inflated prices.

Currently under UK law it is legal for customers to sell personal tickets on re-sale sites.  When used correctly re-sale sites can help fans who cannot make a show to sell their tickets on to other fans.  We are unable to intervene in these sales as they are legal, however some people abuse the system and buy tickets to sell on for a large profit.

We have a team at The O2 who go through re-sale sites and anything bought by known touts or suspected illegal activity are cancelled and then released for sale to the public, so it is worth checking regularly for any seats that come back.


I bought tickets from a re-sale site.   Are they genuine?

We wont be able to tell if tickets are valid tickets until they are scanned on the night.Re-sale sites work like ebay so they don't own the tickets either, they just provide a platform for a customer to sell their tickets.

Because we won't have any connection or communication with that customer we do not know if that ticket is legitimate, has been sold multiple times or has been cancelled until we scan the barcode on the night as it remains their property until that point. However, most re-sale tickets are fine (and just sold at inflated prices). 


 Show Times

Please note all times are subject to change.   Building curfew is 11pm so the show including any encores won't go on any later than that.

9 October - Doors 5pm - Show 8pm - End 10pm (Approx) 

10 October - Doors 5pm - Show 8pm - End 10pm (Approx) 


VIP Tickets 

VIP Tickets will go on sale through Ticketmaster directly on June 1st. VIP tickets will be standing only. You will need to be 16 or over to use VIP tickets (no exceptions).

VIP package details can be found at keep checking there for updates


Can I buy a seated ticket and still get the VIP?

A: No – the VIP package is standing only.


Can I buy a VIP Package and then join my friends in P1 standing?

A: No – not without buying an additional ticket. There is a barrier between VIP and P1 standing, but is also right next to it. You can’t move between the two areas freely.


What age do I have to be?

A: Standard venue rules, you need to be 16+ for the VIP packages as you will be in a standing area.


Where do I queue for VIP tickets/what time?

A:  You will receive instructions on this from Live Nation by email in the weeks leading up to the concert.


Who is selling tickets?

AXS is The O2's official ticketing company and they are selling general tickets (seated and standing). or call 0844 856 0202 (calls cost 7p per min plus your network charge).

Ticketmaster is Livenation's official ticketing company and they are selling VIP tickets and general tickets.



 Can I bring a gift for the group?

BTS have requested that you don't bring gifts, and thank-you for your cooperation.

What does GA, GA Standing mean? 

GA means General Admission. This means that you'll be standing and don't have a reserved spot or area.


Can I bring a banner to the show?

Posters / banners should be no bigger than A3 size and not contain anything that displays inflammatory or offensive wording.   Signs with lights and wires are not allowed.

Large flags, drapes, hard materials or larger than A3 banners are not permitted.

What Row does the block start at?

Most blocks in Level 1 start at row c. Blocks in level 4 start at row a.


BTS Studio

The BTS studio will be here for this concert.  More information coming soon.



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